Traditional Western medicine is failing to address chronic disease, the greatest burden of which is single system, uncomplicated and very treatable problems like: asthma, hypertension, cholesterol problems, pre-diabetes, grout, and skin disorders.  Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares continue to proliferate at a feverish pace, yet no chronic disease care is offered in these places.  Patients are told to find a primary care provider (PCP) to address these medical problems.  Here’s the problem: PCP’s are declining are a precipitous rate meaning most patients can’t establish a relationship with a doctor to get the simplest prescription for high blood pressure or asthma medicine.  The result: these patients end up in the Emergency Room with life-threatening worsening of their disease along with the host of associated social, economic, and familial complications.

Dox4All is aimed a creating an electronic alternative path for these patients.  A path that is simple, accessible as their cell phone, and affordable.  It is true that not every patient’s chronic disease can be addressed in this way but the vast majority can.  The resulting savings to insurance companies and public insurance like Medicare & Medicaid will be enormous.  And, patient catastrophes of run-away disease along with the inherent physical suffering, will be averted.  Dox4All uses off-the-shelf, proven technology to make this happen.  Innovative disruption in the interest of healthy people?  That’s Dox4All!